Ann Marie's All Stars: Heidi Pankiewcz and Stephanie Sheridan

Posted at 9:34 AM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 06:23:11-04

While summer camp is where kids have some of their fondest childhood memories, some families simply can’t afford the luxury.

It really is a dream for the homeless children, who are attending Spring Hill Summer Camp at Shephard’s Gate Church, so we surprised the women who make it possible.

“Seeing the kids here smiling and having fun and cheering camp songs is just amazing,” Heidi Pankiewcz said. “It’s incredible to be able to know that we helped get so many of those kids here that couldn’t otherwise have come is just incredible.”

Pankiewcz and Stephanie Sheridan spearheaded a group that funds scholarships for homeless youth to attend Spring Hill Camp.

“So we can learn about God while still having fun because a lot of people come to church and they don’t have much fun because of just learning about God but spring hill offers a lot of activities while still learning about God,” Camper Emma Sheridan said.

They are experiences these campers otherwise would never have.

“Some of the moms are struggling with cancer and poverty and they just don’t really have places to live,” Stephanie Sheridan said.  “They’re moving from place to place and so it’s just a difficult situation for all of them.”

Which is why volunteers pick up and drop off the children, ensuring camp is stress free and successful for the kids- giving them a break from their everyday problems.

“These are two incredible ladies, they have worked so hard.” Pastor Tim Bollinger said. “I’m not even sure how many hours they’ve put into putting this whole camp on, especially just being able to reach out to our community like we really don’t want it to be just our church but really a camp for the community.”

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