Ann Marie's All Stars: Honoring Spanish teacher Kate Hoin

Posted at 2:42 PM, Jun 09, 2017

A metro Detroit high school teacher has been chosen to spend the summer analyzing relations at the U.S. Mexico border. It’s a priceless experience and curriculum she’ll be able to share with her students.

This week she was honored as an Ann Marie All Star.

Kate Hoin is changing the lives of Troy kids.

“I think sometimes because it’s such a foreign language it’s hard to grasp the language and so Ithink for her she really makes it easy to understand,” said Miranda Gorges.

Senorita Kate Hoin is dedicated to making sure each and every one of her Spanish students leaves with more than just an understanding of the language.

“I try everyday to get them speaking in Spanish, even if it’s not perfect it’s ok we make mistakes that’s how we learn,” says Kate hoin, Spanish teacher at Troy High School.

This summer she’s taking her lessons to a new level. She’s the recipient of a grant from the national endowment of the humanities.

“To analyze who gets to tell history - you know a lot of times in history books we only hear just one side of the story - and so here we’ll be able to hear all sides of the history of the Mexico and U.S. boarder.”

She’ll spend weeks on the U.S./Mexico border bringing back her findings and how they relate to our U.S./Canada border here in Michigan.

“It’s to create a curriculum to bring back for our students here at Troy High to kind of discuss and debate these topics that are happening right now around us,” Hoin says.

She’s giving her students much more than just a Spanish lesson.

“That’s what I try to express to my students that they’re like a bridge to another culture, they understand that culture and bring it to people who don’t understand it.