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Ann Marie's All Stars: International Tap Dancers

Posted at 10:31 AM, Dec 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-13 23:06:45-05

Three young dancers from Metro Detroit just returned from Germany where they represented the USA at the World Tap Dance Championships.  The tap dancers are the first from Michigan to compete on team.

“1,300 tap dancers in one room,” tap dancer Caroline Julian said.

These two high school dancers and one middle school dancer represented Michigan on the world stage.

“It was really overwhelming to go to Germany and compete against all these tap dancers that do the same thing as you because I didn’t know that many people did tap dance,” tap dancer Alison Wright said.

Alison, Caroline Julian and Alisa Zhavoronkova traveled to Boston on the weekends to train with Team USA Tap.

“We went there and we practiced for about 16 hours a weekend and it was very hard,” Alisa said.

And all that hard work paid off.

“Out of the 32 countries we sent to the best of the best to this competition, the three of us places 7th, 6th and 5th,” Caroline said.

Opening these pro’s up to a whole new world of dance.

“We were in a stadium full of people who – most people didn’t speak English, the fact that we all knew the same type of steps was kind of mind blowing, it’s like we were speaking in taps,” Caroline said.

Creating endless possibilities into these young dancers’ futures.

“Tap is like having my own instrument on my feet and I feel like I can create anything I want with them,” Caroline said. “I love being able to create my own style and my own music.”

Congratulations dancers!