Ann Marie's All Stars: Mrs. Beverly Hannett-Price still energized after 59 years in the classroom

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-30 17:23:48-04

Beverly Hannett-Price is entering her 59th year in the classroom and at 81-years-old she still amazes all her fellow teachers and young students.

Mrs. Hannett loves teaching so much, she’s even teaching summer school. It’s her enthusiasm and love of her students that inspires everyone she meets.

“Here I am 81, have loved every minute I have ever taught,” she said. “I can’t believe it, I still feel 29.”

She’s a favorite among the students, who are amazed at her desire to teach them.

“When you ask any teacher in the school, they all say she’s the most energetic, enthusiastic and has the most passion,” student Eric Wang said.

The English teacher is what Detroit Country Day students call “the legend.”

“I want magic in the classroom,” she said.

And magic she creates, known for the “living word” project where students artistically create the meaning of a word in the shape of that word. Mrs. Hannett says it helps students bring their lessons to life. It’s the same thing she says happens to her every time she walks into the classroom.

“(I) loved every minute of it, every minute – never left the building wishing I could do anything else with my life but teaching," Mrs. Hannett said.

Keeping in touch with former students like Courtney Vance who all have a story to tell about Mrs. Hannett.  Those relationships are the reason she says the job keeps getting better.

“That’s how I live every day, grateful that I have the opportunity to experience, grateful that I found a school that I love that allows me to teach way past the retirement age,” she said.

And as for retirement, “I will know when it’s time, but I can’t imagine it, I cannot imagine it.”

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