Ann Marie's All Stars: Trilogy Cheer

Posted at 5:59 PM, Nov 01, 2017

High school athletes have a tall order of balancing school and practice.  This week Ann Marie’s All Stars are proving hard work and dedication pay off.

“We work long hours to make sure our routines are perfect and we’re not just doing chants or things like that we have a full routine for 2 minutes and 30 seconds which definitely defies the stereotype,” cheerleader Jessica Douglas said.

Jessica and her team from Trilogy Cheer are definitely breaking stereotypes, from tumbling, jumps, stunts, dance and more.

“They’re in the gym three to four sometimes five days a week, they’re training at home, they’re working on their cardio, their flexibility,” Owner Angela Trombley-Goralski said.

They do it all while balancing school and starting as young as three-years-old because it takes work to look as good as they do.

“Taking tumbling classes to keep their skills polished, fliers have to stay flexible to be in the air, bases have to stay strong to be able to put the fliers up in the air – so there are many hours may days a week that they’re training,” Trombley-Goralski said.

They take on teams from all over the world at cheer competitions you see on ESPN.

“Summit is the highest level championship you can go to,” Trombley-Goralski said.

Earlier this year, 38 girls and boys from the small gym in Rochester Hills won it all.

“We never gave up on the kids and the kids put that faith back on us as coaches and we never gave up and we went down to the Summit in Orlando this past May,” Trombley-Goralski said.

After that? A two week break in the season, that’s as much rest as they’ll get all year until they’re back to the grind making these incredible athletes from Trilogy Cheer this week’s Ann Marie’s All Stars.