Are political rants ruining Facebook for you? Some posts may even hurt friendships

Posted at 5:48 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 17:49:30-04

Facebook seems to be tearing friends apart this election year. Most people are sick and tired of seeing political posts and opinions on social media.

7 Action News spoke with people in Ann Arbor. Many said they are trying to avoid reading political rants because they are sick of it.

Andrew Kamita is sick of election posts on Facebook.

"Skip through most of it," he said. "I spend more time looking at the articles on the side as opposed to reading what people are saying."

Andrew's wife agreed.

Ashley Kamita said she is annoyed by political rants.

"It's really annoying, just kind of going through it. I rather see what's going on with my families, their kids. What sort of events they went to on the weekend instead of hearing other people's opinions about politics," she said.

Brittany Powell secretly reads political comments.

"Yes because it's funny," she said.

Rebecca Moreno is guilty of making political posts on Facebook.

She explained, "I'm one of those that I like to spread the awareness but it is getting ridiculous. I try not to give my opinion but try to put out actual facts."

To avoid seeing posts from people you are friends with who are guilty of ruining your Facebook news feed, you can hit "unfollow" that way you won't see their posts but you will remain friends.