Neighbors frustrated by "art project" eyesore

Posted at 6:02 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 18:58:17-04

Residents on Stoepel Street are fed up and frustrated. They're tired of looking at the shell of a 2 story home that has been an eyesore in their neighborhood for six months.

"They didn't finish the job. It's bad. It's bad.. just to see it every day," says Mr. Woodford.

Officials say the facade of this home was removed by an artist for a project overseas. He reportedly hired a contractor to have the rest of it taken down, but that never happened.

Brian Farkas, with the Detroit Building Authority, says the home will be torn down next week. 7 Action News asked him who'll pay for it. He said they'll let the judge figure it out, but the city will go after the artist, contractor and the owner of the home.

He says taxpayers will not have to foot the bill.

Farkas says the city did not create this problem, but knew it had to step in.

"It was about last week we saw what had actually happened here. Someone took most of the house as part of an art project and that's just incredibly disrespectful to the residents," says Farkas.

He says bids will be going out on Monday morning.