Barricaded situation ends on Detroit's west side; 2 children inside home safe

Police lights
Posted at 4:47 PM, Jan 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-10 18:45:23-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A barricaded situation on Detroit's west side ended safely after several hours when the man inside the home surrendered Sunday evening.

Detroit police officers were on the scene of a barricaded situation on the city's west side early Sunday. The suspect had his two young children, ages 2 and 3, inside the home, police said.

The situation began on a report of a domestic violence incident just after 11:30 a.m.

Police from Detroit's 12th Precinct were dispatched to the home, which is in the area of Six Mile Road and Greenfield.

A 28-year-old woman who lives in the home told police that her on-again, off-again boyfriend had become physically abusive during an argument. She suffered injuries to her face. The woman told police that her boyfriend, a 28-year-old man, was suffering a psychotic episode. He has bipolar disorder and is schizophrenic, and has been off his medications for months, she said.

Although the woman was able to escape the home, the couple's 2-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter are still inside with the father.

Family and the children's mother told police that there is a weapon inside the home, however, police on the scene say they did not seen a weapon while attempting to get in contact with the man inside the home.

Police worked to deescalate the situation in an attempt to reach the children, adding that they would get the man the mental help he needed if he just surrendered.

"We put it above our own safety. We're very concerned," said DPD Commander Darren Szilagy.

After several hours of failed attempts to negotiate, police decided to force entry into the house, which is when they located the man inside in a back room along with the children. At that point, the man peacefully surrendered and was taken into police custody.