BBB warns of this holiday delivery scam

Posted at 11:09 AM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 11:09:41-05

Scammers are known to take advantage of the holiday season and the Better Business Bureau is warning people of a new delivery scheme.

The BBB says this con makes it seem like you're just receiving a package, but, instead, your credit or debit card information is stolen.

Here's how they say it works: A delivery company calls your phone to alert you that a package is on the way--and then, a short while later, someone arrives at your door holding a gift basket with wine. When you ask who the gift is from, the person will claim not to know. The delivery person will then ask you to pay a verification fee to verify that you are of legal drinking age via credit or debit card. The card scanner, as the BBB warns, is actually a device that collects that number and the PIN and/or security code. 

Here are a list of tips from the BBB: 

  • Be suspicious of a package from an unrecognized delivery service or source. If a friend or family member wants to surprise you, they will likely send a gift using an established service. 
  • Do not give your credit or debit card to someone at your door. Unless you requested the package and expected to pay something, you shouldn't have a fee at delivery.
  • Asking for ID is OK, but not a credit card. It is not out of the ordinary to ask for identification when alcohol is delivered, but the receiver would not be required to pay a fee to receive a gift 
  • Look out for other variations. This isn't the only delivery scam that pops up at this time of year. BBB has a warning about a number of holiday scams ( Be alert!