Bloomfield Hills teen a master at the Rubik's Cube

Posted at 5:08 PM, Aug 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 13:51:51-04

If you ever played with a Rubik's cube, you may remember how hard it is to solve. One Bloomfield Hills teenage makes it look easy and has the world record to prove it.

16-year-old Rami Sbahi is really fast with his hands when it comes to solving a Rubik's cube.

He started taking on the challenge at the age of 9. "Timed my first time and it was 10 minutes and from here I just wanted to beat my time," he said.

He set the record for the 2x2 Rubik's cube four years ago and then lost it to his buddy.

"My friend took it from me and then I got it back the next year and then I lost it again."

This past weekend he took it back, setting a new world record. He can solve the cube on average of 1.45 seconds.

"With like track and swimming there is a definite time you have to beat, so you know when you beat your record and it feels really good when you do."

He attends World Cube Association world competitions. It's the only one that the Guinness Book of World Records will use. Rami has also shown off his talents on national TV.

He can do the cube blindfolded, one handed or just by using his feet.

Rami is humble with his achievements but says anyone can solve a Rubik's cube.

"Memorize a lot of algorithms, you have to do a lot of practice, so it comes down to patience and how much time you're willing to put in."

His next goal is to beat the record for the original 3x3 cube. That record is 4.7 seconds. Right now, he is half a second away from beating that.

He will take on that challenge at the national championship next summer.