BMW teases new feature that would help drivers spy on their vehicles remotely

Posted at 8:03 AM, Aug 29, 2016

In very minimalistic fashion, BMW releasedquite the tease about an upcoming feature for the company's next generation BMW 5 Series.

It's called Remote View 3D. 

The idea is that drivers would be able to watch their vehicle after they've parked. It appears the feature will be accessed through the company's BMW Connected app

Video posted by the company shows how a driver would remotely use the app to get a wide view of their ride's surroundings.

Of course, the company is keeping all of the details under wraps.

Even after being peppered with queries from fans on BMW's official Facebook page, the company remained tight lipped.

Online magazine BMW Blog is reporting that the new G30 5 Series will be unveiled in October, and with that, likely more on the new feature. 7 Action News emailed the automaker for more details and is waiting to hear back.