Flint water protestors take to state capital

Posted at 6:41 PM, Jan 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 22:21:26-05

There are more calls for Governor Rick Snyder to resign over the Flint water crisis.

Those calls echoed through the halls of the state capitol and now are also coming from a key member of the legislature.

What did he know and when did he know it? The answer to that question is still not being made clear by the governor.

Now he’s hearing the political crisis outside of his office door.

Dozens of people from Flint, down to Detroit, marched through the state capitol in Lansing in response to the latest flint water crisis developments.

Governor Snyder declared a state of emergency last week, but wait a week to call out the National Guard. 

Then, only 8 members of the guard showed up in Flint. They are short of supplies, filters and test kits for 100,000 people in Flint to test for lead.

And the “disaster” - the governor’s word - yesterday that a spike in Legionnaires’ Disease in the last 2 years with 10 deaths, could be related to the tainted water.

You can see the protesters, making their presence known in Lansing calling for Governor Snyder to resign.

The governor has said he wants to be open and honest and recently said he learned about the seriousness of the lead in October.

But his own chief of staff wrote an email in July that state officials were blowing off flint.

State house democratic leader, Representative Tim Greimel is from Auburn Hills. He says he will talk about the flint water crisis in his democratic response to the governor’s State of the State next Tuesday night.

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence of Southfield wants to hold hearings over what officials knew and when they knew it.