Candidate launches billboard supporting Livonia PD in response to claims of alleged racial profiling

Posted at 9:50 AM, Jul 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-27 18:53:53-04

(WXYZ) — A Republican candidate for state representative from Livonia has created a billboard supporting police, just a few weeks after a different group had a billboard calling out Livonia police for alleged racial profiling.

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Penny Crider said the billboard will be in Redford Township in the same area where the previous billboard was located.

It says, "ALL are Welcome in Livonia. Great families! Great police!"

"We have a great, inclusive community where all are welcome,” Crider said. “We don’t have the divisive issues that many cities have. And believe me, anyone who knows our police force here knows they are fair and impartial. I have great respect for Chief Caid and his officers.”

Earlier in July, a billboard in Redford Township went live that said "Driving while Black? Racial profiling just ahead. Welcome to Livonia."

“We have reached out to the city for records on how many people are pulled over for African American drivers, and they’ve told us their records don’t keep track” said original billboard organizer Sara Overwater. “There are a disproportionate amount of African American drivers who’ve been stopped and many complaints when you consider the predominantly white community.”

Livonia Police posted a response on their Facebook page. Part of that says, “Racial profiling is a serious allegation and is not tolerated. Livonia is a welcoming community to all regardless of one’s race. This billboard says the exact opposite message of our values in the Livonia Police Department and of those in our community.”