Casting call held for MTV's Real World

Posted at 5:09 PM, Mar 23, 2016

It's one the longest running reality TV shows.

MTV's Real World is looking for some new roommates for their next season.

The location has not been announced but casting directors are in Ann Arbor looking for a new cast.

The long line outside of Good Time Charlie's in Ann Arbor had a bunch of characters!

Casting directors are keeping an eye out for big personalities

Dionte Hardy wants to be on the Real World.

"I'm really fun," he said. "I'm low-key kind of petty. So it would be perfect (Laughs) - well I'm not low key petty I'm high-key petty but it's a good petty though, I'm just a fun time."

Jake "Dior" Hendricks auditioned for the show and said, "I offer something that other people don't. That's a personality."

The show is filled with fighting and drama and the candidates said they are ready for that.

Hendricks said, "If everyone is on their best behavior and they don't try me then we don't have a problem."

"I'm a good person," Adrienne Stavaros, another candidate, explained. "If anyone crosses me then we will go from there."

Stavaros is not worried about looking flawed. "I always embarrass myself. Embarrassing is probably my middle name."