CDC advises public to pitch romaine lettuce because of e-coli concerns

Posted: 9:02 PM, Nov 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-21 04:13:31Z

The CDC is advising everyone to throw away romaine lettuce immediately. This alert is happening just before Thanksgiving, throwing a wrench into dinner plans for tens of thousands of people. 

The advisory is in response to a multi-state E-coli outbreak.

"I decided to go ahead and go with the baby arugula instead," said Olabode Agaja, who was out shopping for last-minute Thanksgiving meal items.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advised grocery stores and people to get rid of their romaine lettuce right away and avoid being exposed to E-Coli.

"From what you’re telling me, I’m going to be careful," said Willyum Glenn while looking for alternative side dish options.

Shoppers say instead of maybe having a side Caesar salad, they're opting for other alternative salads.

"There’s other green options, so I’m going to stay with the broccoli, the brussels sprouts and just make sure I don't touch the romaine," Agaja said.

Grocery stores are putting out signs letting shoppers know there’s no romaine lettuce because of the CDC alert.

"That sign is amazing, I was wondering about it," Agaja said.

The CDC says so far, there have been 32 reported cases in 11 states including seven here in Michigan, and a total of 13 hospitalizations. 

"We had to pull everything off the shelf," said Dean Calkins, a produce associate at a local

grocery store. "Absolutely anything that had romaine in it.  All Romaine salads, all romaine leaves, all fresh romaine that is not packaged."

Local grocery stores are not taking any chances.

"Until we know further, everything with romaine in it is going to be off limits," Calkins said.

The CDC says they are still investigating the cause of this E. coli outbreak, but again are urging everyone to throw away your romaine lettuce immediately until further notice.