Cedar Point official details what happens in the winter; Wicked Twister is 'being disposed of'

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Posted at 12:27 PM, Nov 03, 2021

(WXYZ) — Cedar Point is officially closed for the winter, but that doesn't mean things are slowing down.

The park's director of communications, Tony Clark, detailed what will happen during the winter at Cedar Point in a blog post titled "Our Winter Begins."

One main thing that's happening is the end of Wicked Twister. This summer, the park announced the ride was closing for good, and he wants people to know it's not being reincarnated as a new ride anywhere.

Clark said the train is already off and crews are disconnecting things, with full demolition coming in the a few weeks.

"For clarity, Wicked Twister is not being reincarnated as a new ride at any of our sister parks; it’s not coming back to life as a climbing structure, it’s not being inserted into Maverick’s layout to bring back the heartline roll," he wrote in the blog. "It’s being disposed of. Not coming back, anywhere."

Clark also said that he'll detail the process with pictures on his Twitter page.

As for what else is happening, Clark said crews are breaking down from HalloWeekends, and the first ride that gets its rehab is Blue Streak, the oldest coaster.

According to Clark, its trains are sent to a company that manufactures wooden roller coaster trains and specializes in refurbishment, inspection and construction.

"We put our trust in them each winter, knowing they will take care of our blue baby," he wrote.

Clark also said the cabins are still on the Giant Wheel, but when they're off, it definitely means winter is at the park.

As for what will happen with the Wicked Twister area, Clark said it's "being prepared for future development."

You can see more pictures of the winter plans at Clark's blog here.