Celebrating Cass Tech and Detroit King football teams with the head coaches of MSU and U of M

Posted at 3:06 PM, Dec 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-09 18:34:57-05

The last time you saw two Detroit Public School football teams winning the state championship at the same was... well never.

That's because last year Detroit King High School won division two and Cass Tech High School was the runner up.

This year both schools brought home state titles and a major reason to celebrate.

It's rare to get two rival football teams in the same room.

Even rarer to get the Head Football Coaches of MSU and University of Michigan to stand side by side.

On Friday, in honor of Cass Tech and King High School winning state championships in football this year they all came together under one roof to celebrate.

Both University of Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh and Michigan State University's Head Coach Mark Dantonio were invited to talk to the teams.

MSU's Head Football Coach Mark Dantonio talked about the meaning of winning championships and knowing how to pick your self up and succeeding again after a tough season like MSU had this year.

U of M's Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh talked about the talent that has come from Detroit and those who have been shining examples of the talent that can still come from the city of Detroit.

Both coaches also said Detroit has two schools that people are paying attention too across America not just because of what's being done on the football field but also what's being done in the classroom.

The United Auto Workers wanted to mark this historic occasion in grand style here at their hall in downtown Detroit. They served a wonderful lunch and had several speakers including former NFL football players who shared their own stories of triumph and adversity.

Detroit Public Schools gets its fair share of criticism but these two schools truly demonstrate the best of the Motor City both academically and in sports and it's been a remarkable year.

The Principal of Cass Tech Lisa Phillips could not be more proud on a day like this.

King High School's head coach passed away at the beginning of this football season his Assistant Coach Tyrone Spencer had to take over as head coach so this team wanted to win in their late coach's honor.

Cass Tech's Head Coach Thomas Wilcher played for the Michigan Wolverines so he knows as a Detroiter what it takes to get these young men to the next level.

MSU Head Coach Mark Dantonio let these young men know with the sweetness of victory comes adversity and disappointment so he told them to cherish this moment, no doubt they will.

Lastly a big shout out to the Vice President of the UAW Jimmy Settles and Detroit Public Schools Community District for their support of these two programs and today's luncheon.