CHECK BEFORE YOU GO: Road work continues on I-696, I-75 and US-24

Posted at 8:03 AM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 08:03:20-05

Patching and roadwork throughout Macomb and Oakland counties will continue today, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation. 

Construction will occur during the morning and afternoon rush to get as much done during dry weather, leaving only 1 lane open -- at times. 

  • EB I-696 between US-24 and I-94 repaired first, followed by WB 696 from Dequindre to US-24.
  • I-75 between 12 Mile and Coolidge, SB is being done first, followed by NB.
  • US-24 between Long Lake and Orchard Lake, SB will be repaired first, followed by NB.



-I-696 in Oakland – NO WORK in Oakland MONDAY. Crews moving work zone set up near Greenfield.
I-696 in Macomb:
- EB I-696 in Macomb from Dequindre to Mound:
7:00am-7pm -- Two left lanes open, 2 right closed
7:30am-7pm -- 11 Mile ramp to EB 696 closed
(Possible closure of NB/SB Mound ramp to EB-696 as work crews get closer to Mound)
I-75 in Oakland:
- SB I-75 from Adams to Long Lake:
7am-7pm -- ONLY LEFT LANE OPEN, 2 right closed
7am-7pm -- SB 75 ramp to/from Crooks, RAMP CLOSED
US-24/Telegraph in Oakland:
-SB US-24 from Orchard Lake to Square Lake:
8am-6:30pm -- 2 left lanes open, 2 right closed