Check Thanksgiving weather in metro Detroit and across the country

What to expect all the way through Sunday
Posted at 1:51 PM, Nov 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 23:41:56-05

Thanksgiving weather will not be a turkey this year for metro Detroit. A typical chill will greet us, but at least a little sunshine will help later in the day.

When the Turkey Trot and Mashed Potato Mile start at 7:30 am on Thanksgiving morning, the temperature should be around 29, but with a breeze, wind chills will make it feel around 20. 

When the parade starts at 8:50, it will still only be about 31 degrees, with wind chills still in the 20s. By mid-day, as the Lions get ready to play, the temperature downtown should hover near 36.

Here's everything you need to know about road closures and getting around downtown on the big day.

If you're heading to northern Michigan for the holiday weekend, look for some lake effect snow showers in many spots and chilly temperatures the entire weekend.

Around the rest of the country, big storms aren't expected and most travel should be free of weather worries. But to make sure you pack right, here's what to expect on the big travel days and the time in between in 12 other big cites. There's probably one not too far from where you're going.

CITY                               WEDS               THU-SAT HIGHS              SUN 

Chicago                         Dry, 30s                 Mostly 40s                    Dry, 30s

Pittsburgh                      Dry, 30s                 Mostly 40s                  Flurries, 30s

New York City               Rain ends, 50         Mostly 40s                   Dry, 40s

Washington, DC            Dry, 50s                 40s and 50s                 Dry, 40s

Atlanta                           Dry, 60                   Mostly 50s                   Dry, 50s

Orlando                      Mainly dry, 70s          rain chances, 70s         Dry, 70

Dallas                            Dry, 50s                 60s and 70s                 Dry, 60s

Minneapolis                   Dry, 30                  30s and 40s                  Dry, 30s

Denver                          Dry, 60s                  Mostly 60s                   Dry, 60s

Seattle                          Rain, 60s             Rain each day, 50s         Rain, 50s

Los Angeles                  Dry, 90                    Mostly 80s                   Dry, 70s

Phoenix                        Dry, 80s               80s - record highs           Dry, 80s

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday wherever you go.