City Council: Detroit parking ticket rates may drop under new proposal

Posted at 6:08 PM, Sep 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-14 18:10:38-04

Parking tickets are never fun to find on your windshield, but how high is too high for a fine? 

In Detroit, fines for parking violations were raised in 2014 by the city's emergency manager to help off-set debt, but one member of city council thinks it's time to give you a break on pricey parking fines. 

If you've ever thought you put plenty of money in the meter only to return to your car minutes too late to find a $45 dollar ticket on your windshield, you know the feeling.

“It kind of sucks if you get a ticket and It’s pretty expensive too,” says Shibin Joseph.

City Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield agrees. She’s proposing to lower the fine for expired meters and parking in "no parking zones" from $45 to $30 and if the ticket is paid off within 10 days, discounting it by 50%. 

“If I get caught with a ticket, I’d be more inclined to pay it off if I knew there was that 50 percent off,” says Joseph. 

“It beats 45, 45 is a lot of money! 15 is a little bit bearable,” he says. 

Not everyone thinks lowering fines is a good idea. 

"I don’t think they should lower them, I think it’s fine where it’s at,” says Chris Kmetz.

 He’s had to pay the $45 parking ticket before. 

“Yeah I have, a few actually,” says Kmetz adding, " I mean, it’s my fault. I left it and didn’t pay the meter, so it’s alright."

"I think it’s worth it, brings money to the city,” says Kmetz

Some are more concerned about bringing people to the city. 
Officials say 70 percent of the parking tickets are issued to out of town license plates. 

“You want to attract people downtown. High prices for parking, high prices for everything, makes people not want to come. So I think it’s a good idea,” says a mother of 3. 

Sheffield will present the parking ticket endearment to the city council later this month along with other legislation she plans to announce on Monday.