Class action lawsuit brought against DTE for alleged role in June flooding of homes

Posted at 4:15 PM, Jul 27, 2021

(WXYZ) — A class-action lawsuit has been brought against DTE Energy, the company that services the metro Detroit area, in connection to the June mass flooding.

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The lawsuit, which is being represented by Liddle & Dubin P.C. law firm, alleges that DTE "failed to take reasonable steps to repair and maintain the power instrumentalities at the Ludden substation that provided electricity to the critical Freud Pumping Station in Detroit."

The law firm states that more than 2,500 residents from seven metro Detroit cities have expressed interest in the lawsuit.

“These flooding events should not have happened. We know from experience that it is crucial to investigate these cases before filing to ensure that we know what happened and who is responsible. We have devoted a considerable amount of time and resources to determining what caused the catastrophic flooding of thousands
of homes and who is responsible,” said David Dubin, an attorney with Liddle & Dubin P.C. “This case, and the others that will be filed in the coming weeks, will encompass all of the necessary parties whose conduct we believe contributed to this widespread basement flooding, and hopefully get the people the relief they deserve.”

Dubin adds that this is just the first of many more lawsuits to come against "several other entities" that allegedly played a part in the damage of several homes due to flooding.

DTE spokesperson Jill Wilmot said in a statement to 7 Action News that, "DTE does not comment on litigation."