Coach tells Larry Nassar to 'go to hell' as victims speak out at sentencing

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jan 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 18:16:10-05

Before former USA gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar learns his sentence, he is facing days of impact statements from his victims.

It is the second day those impacted by his crimes have had the chance to speak in court. 

More than 140 female athletes, including several Olympic gold medalists, say Nassar sexually abused them, but not all of the people impacted were personally sexually abused by him. 

“For the record, go to hell,” said Thomas Brennan, a coach who says Nassar violated the trust of his colleagues. He regrets referring athletes to the doctor for treatment. 

“What you did to everybody else who trusted you and sent girls your way - is disgusting,” said Brennan. 

The former USA Gymnastics team doctor who also worked at Michigan State University pleaded guilty in November to seven counts of criminal sexual assault. In his plea, Nassar admitted to abusing patients under his care, some of whom were under the age of 13.

He would touch girls inappropriately, telling them it would help them heal from sports injuries. 

“My coach thought it was very wrong, so she did the right thing and reported it to USA Gymnastics,” said Gina Nichols as she read a statement written by her daughter Maggie. 

Maggie Nichols was a USA Gymnastics Team contender who reported abuse. She claimed USA Gymnastics didn’t react quickly enough. It would later come out she was one of many victims. 

“I was a grown woman in my mid-twenties, getting ready to go to med school, and working in a pediatrician's office. Michigan State University, the school I loved and trusted, had the audacity to tell me I didn’t know the difference between being molested and a medical procedure,” said Amanda Thomashow, a survivor.

“I imagined hitting you if I ever had the opportunity to see you again,” said Tiffany Thomas-Lopez, survivor.

“We were just kids,” said Gwen Anderson, another survivor. 

“As you sit behind bars, I pray you are tormented by the words spoken to you by all of these women here today,” said Jeanette Antolin, a survivor.

Michigan State president Lou Anna Simon attended part of the hearing Wednesday after facing criticism for not being there Tuesday. The hearing is expected to continue through the week.