Intriguing tech, gadgets from CES 2016

Posted at 7:52 AM, Jan 07, 2016

This week, Las Vegas is in the spotlight as CES 2016 takes over Sin City. 

There is so much *cool* coming out of the event. Here's a peek at several intriguing product announcements: 

1. Coffee Ripples App

We all love coffee art, but this device and app pairing takes it to a whole other level.

Steam CC—the company behind the Ripple Maker-- has unveiled the Coffee Ripples app.

The app and device work together to produce any image or message the drinker desires onto a foam-topped coffee.

The device will be available to businesses with service plans starting at $85 per month, according to the company. 


2. My UV Patch

L' Oreal wants to help protect people from skin damage. The company unveiled MY UV Patch at CES. It’s a stretchable skin sensor that can monitor UV exposure.

The tiny patch has photosensitve dyes that change colors when exposed to UV rays. L' Oreal states in a press release that consumers will then be able to snap a picture of the patch and upload it to a mobile app that will analyze the dyes and provide exposure information.

3. Code-a-Pillar

Fisher-Price has introduced the Code-a-Pillar. The cute caterpillar robot helps preschoolers learn how to code. 

Kids can arrange the segments in a variety of different combinations to make Code-a-Pillar create its own path.

Fisher Price says it encourages preschoolers to explore cause and effect.