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Celebrating super moms this Mother's Day

Posted at 7:33 PM, May 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-09 19:33:36-04

(WXYZ) — It's Mother's Day and we wanted to shine the light on the family of one of our homegrown Tigers players - Eric Haase.

He and his wife just celebrated the birth of their fourth child only 4 months old. Three of the four were born at home at Ascension Michigan where his mom has been helping to deliver babies for more than 25 years.

As we've seen throughout this pandemic our health care heroes never stop working, especially when it comes to delivering babies because COVID or not babies never stop coming.

Lori Haase has helped bring thousands of babies into this world. She's been a labor and delivery nurse at Ascension Michigan for 27 years.

"For a short period of time you're a part of someone's family bringing a new member into the world," she sasy.

Lori is also mom to a daughter and our homegrown Tiger great Eric Haase. He and his high school sweetheart and now wife Maria moved home two years ago.

Sports Director Brad Galli asked him about playing for the team he grew up rooting for, his success on the field, and now raising a family in his hometown.

"Just like out at Costco or running to the grocery store, people are genuinely surprised when I still do dad stuff. It's hilarious," he said. "you live at home and drive to the stadium."

Eric and his wife now have four little ones, including a baby daughter just 4 months old.

"We used to stay with Lori all the time for the season. We'd pile into her house. Now we were able to buy our own house."

All but one of their babies were delivered at Ascension Michigan, but this last go-round Maria and Eric were both hit with COVID two days before.

Still, it was disappointing Eric could not be there, so Lori stepped as her support person.

"We Facetimed with Eric so he got to see the baby and all the kids were gathered around the computer when the baby was born."

Now on this Mother's Day, with Eric playing in Houston for the Tigers?

"I just realize these times when they're so little, it's just important to appreciate this time even though it's really hard there are challenging days."

So to all our moms no matter which hat you're wearing today we say Happy Mother's Day.