Construction chaos in Dearborn, residents say they're sick of the mess

Posted at 10:14 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 22:18:22-04

There's construction chaos in Dearborn and residents are fed up.

Families have been dealing with heavy equipment and dirt for several months, some people saying it resembles the planet Mars. Now, they’re just hopeful the construction project wraps up soon.

Folks who travel on Yinger Avenu every day see massive construction equipment and piles of dirt. Residents, like Mohammed Bazzi, say this project has been going on way too long.

"It’s been rough, it’s been rough living here," Bazzi said.

He says the street in front of his home doesn't have the nicest of scenery.

"Oh this is Mars," he said.

Massive construction equipment is parked throughout the avenue, dirt and even more dirt piled up in front of homes. 

"The lawn has taken a beating," Bazzi said. "I’m sure all the vehicles here have taken beatings, it’s a very very difficult place to be at this time."

Residents say they’re sick of the project taking so long.

"The year before they did the gas lines and they did some of the water lines, so it’s been continuous since June of last year or so," said Ricardo Lopez.

We called the city of Dearborn looking for answers, but they were closed. We also called the Mayor, and there was no answer.

"It’s a mess every day," Lopez said. "You don’t know how it’s going to be when you come home."

Folks say this project has been going on long enough and it’s time for it to be done for good.

"Sometimes you can’t even park in your own driveway next to your house," Bazzi said. "Some of the joys of summer have been taken away from us."

Residents along Yinger say they recently received a notice from the city in the mail saying the project will be done by the end of September. However, people believe the project will take much longer to complete.