Controversial deer cull begins in Ann Arbor

Posted at 5:36 AM, Jan 04, 2016

The City of Ann Arbor is taking action against the deer population.

Hired sharpshooters will begin targeting deer in the city limits today.

Ann Arbor City Council voted for this special hunt. City leaders say there are simply too many deer roaming city parks and green spaces.

They say it's now becoming dangerous to the public.

The council voted to temporarily lift an ordinance that restricts guns in parks to allow the cull. Those professional sharpshooters will be luring the deer into their sites. They are scheduled to shoot a limit of 100 deer--it is expected to take around two months.

Of course, many people living in Ann Arbor are upset about this cull, claiming it will be dangerous and unnecessary. 

An activist group has even filed a lawsuit.