Convicted felon sings apology in court

Posted at 5:55 PM, Mar 18, 2016

There are many ways to say "I'm sorry" -- but can you sing your way out of trouble?

One convicted felon took a musical approach when apologizing in court.

Brian Earl Taylor channeled his inner-Adele to say sorry in Washtenaw County Trial Court.

He wrote a song inspired by the hit "Hello." The convicted felon sings an apology -- hoping for a lighter sentence for illegally carrying a concealed weapon and unlawful imprisonment.

But it's clear, he's "chasing pavements." 

"They say time is supposed to heal you," so the judge sentenced him to a minimum of 3 and half years in jail.

"You are obviously a talented young man and I hope that you will be able to use your time productively when you are in the Michigan Department of corrections," Judge Darlene A. O’Brien.

Taylor's public defender did not want to talk on camera, but he said it was nice of the judge to allow his client to sing in court.