Conyers' attorney says accuser brought daughter, niece to work for him

Posted at 3:44 PM, Dec 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 16:10:07-05

Congressman John Conyers' attorney said Marion Brown's sexual harassment claims are not true and do not add up. 

Arnold Reed said Brown omitted key points when she spoke out about her sexual harassment. 

Brown reportedly brought her daughter in to work with Conyers as well as her niece, Reed said. 

"When you bring your daughter into a situation that you describe as hostile, it is incongruent with logic and truth," he said.

Reed said Conyers asserts he has done nothing wrong and will continue to defend himself "until the cows come home." 

"Why is that that you bring your daughter into an environment this hostile and you ask him to hire another relative, a niece?" he asked.

Acknowledging the $27,000 settlement between Conyers and Brown, Reed said he knew she would breach the confidentiality agreement of the settlement.

"I expected her to do it, that's what opportunists do," Reed said.

Reed produced a picture of Conyers and Brown at a Barrister's Ball in 2011, as well as two affidavits.

"He was an animal, but you booed up with him at the Barrister's Ball," he said regarding Brown's claims. "If this nonsense continues, this is just a harbinger."

He also produced two affidavits from people who reportedly observed the personal and business relationship between Brown and Conyers, stating that they never saw Conyers sexually harass Brown.

One affidavit was signed by James Marbury, who worked as a security guard in the courthouse. According to Reed, the affidavit says he observed the personal and business relationship between Conyers and Brown and she never appeared to be uncomfortable.

The other affidavit, signed by Shawn Campbell, verified that Conyers did hire Brown's daughter and was never told of any sexual harassment. 

Campbell was later fired by Conyers for reportedly cursing at a female constituent.

In terms of Conyers' resignation, Reed said nothing has been set due to the congressman's health.

"As you know, his health is not the best," Reed said. "It will be Congressman John Conyers who will be the one to decide in terms of whether he will continue to represent the people."

Reed said a decision will be made soon about the congressman's resignation.