68-year-old man faces assault charge for wiping nose, face on dollar store worker's shirt

Posted at 6:26 PM, May 05, 2020

HOLLY (WXYZ) — A friend of 68-year-old Rex Gomoll said the Linden man has his own kind of humor and finds some things funny that others don't. Still, it's unclear what Gomoll could have been thinking Saturday afternoon when Holly police said he confronted a worker at a dollar store and wiped his nose and face on her shirt.

It happened at the Dollar Tree on North Saginaw after the worker told Gomoll that he needed to wear a mask in the store. After wiping his nose and face on the worker's shirt, police said Gomoll continued to be loud and disruptive inside the store before leaving.

Holly police said Gomoll admitted to being the man seen on surveillance video when they arrested him at his home Monday evening.

A warrant has been signed charging Gomoll with misdemeanor assault and battery. He's expected to be arraigned Wednesday morning.

Gomoll is currently being housed at the Oakland County Jail, and it's possible that testing for Covid-19 could be required as a condition of his bond.

A spokesperson for Dollar Tree released the following statement:

“We are appreciative of the work of the Holly Police Department in seeing this man’s irresponsible and unacceptable behavior toward our associate was addressed promptly.”