Five of 105 coronavirus patients from Oakland County are in ICU

Posted at 6:11 PM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-19 18:11:52-04

(WXYZ) — So far Oakland County has 105 patients that have tested positive for having Covid-19. Oakland County Executive David Coulter tells Seven Action News that five of them are patients currently in the ICU, fighting for their lives.

It raises concerns, as the state is seeing a dramatic increase in cases and now three deaths.

We learned Wednesday that a Wayne County man in his fifties with underlying health conditions died at a Beaumont Hospital in Wayne County. On Thursday we learned that a woman in her fifties with underlying medical conditions passed away at McLaren Oakland Hospital. The Henry Ford Health System also confirmed that an 81-year-old patient died Wednesday.

The Mayor of Southgate says the Wayne County Health Department notified him yesterday evening that one of the people who lost their lives is form his community.

“The only think I can say is that it is just heart wrenching to know that one of our Southgate families had this loss due to this virus and I hope we can all pray for this family,” said Joseph Kuspa, Southgate Mayor.

The mayor is calling on people to take extra precautions in honor of the people who lost their lives.

“We do have to apply social distancing. Do not go out unless you need to go out and really take this seriously. This is a time to focus on protecting our families and community,” said Kuspa.

WXYZ asked Oakland County Executive David Coulter why the county is seeing so many cases. It has 105 of the state’s 334 cases. He says it is because the county is possibly doing more testing than others. Also the health department is tracking down people exposed and warning them.

Of the 105, Coulter says 5 patients are currently in intensive care units. He is telling people to take the virus seriously.

“Let me be clear. There will be more deaths,” he said. “ The people in ICU, we are praying for them now, but there will be more deaths. But there will be less deaths and less infections if we all do everything we can now to flatten the curve.”