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White Lake senior community staff spends hours handing out flowers and compliments to 100+ residents

Posted at 5:31 PM, Mar 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-18 18:05:37-04

(WXYZ) — In an effort to make their residents smile a little brighter, Independence Village staff spent several hours handing out flowers and meaningful compliments to more than 100 residents.

It was part of the senior community’s kindness week earlier in March, where residents and staff were encouraged to show random acts of kindness toward others.

Photo courtesy Independence Village

From a heart that displayed kind words, to a board of inspirational messages that residents could place or take, to surprise packages for staff, there were a lot of gestures from the heart, including flowers being handed out to all of the senior community’s nearly 120 residents.

Photo courtesy Independence Village

Photo courtesy Independence Village

Photo courtesy Independence Village

“To truly think about each person, walk into their apartment, hand them a flower and say, ‘this is for you, I want to tell you that I think you are so intelligent. I respect you. I think you're thoughtful. You always make me laugh. You're so kind.’ To really think about each person as an individual and be able to tell them that it really touched people,” said Amy Jambeck, Independence Village life enrichment director.

Independence Village resident Carol Kalinski, 82, said during the pandemic, connection is really important to her.

“All those little things, they evoke a smile or a laugh. Even though it's just a short period of time, you've connected for that day and you've helped me to laugh,” she said.

Jambeck said the response surprised her in a good way.

“I think there were more tears that day than I thought there was going to be, happy tears. It was very surprising how well it was received.”

Photo courtesy Independence Village

Photo courtesy Independence Village

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