My daughter and her Winter Guard team took 1st Place in Regionals. It was the last time they’d compete before everything shut down. – Cat NowickiPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
Jen Lynch Dodge My math teacher friends and I celebrated π-day , it was the last day of school that we had in person 2020.Photo by: WXYZ user photo
This is the last time my daughter Hallie wrestled, She is in the blue and pink. She would’ve ended her wrestling career with her last middle school season as an 8th grader but her school decided not to do sports this year😢 I would give anything to see her wrestle again. - Amanda Foster
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My daughter's first band concert. Cluster concert with the junior high and high school kids. This picture seems so weird now. We were PACKED in the high school gym. No masks.... - Jessica KasperekPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
In Disney world taking a break from our kids ... by the time we got home we had two more “normal” days of school and then that was it 😔 we even debated canceling because of how crazy things were starting to get but thank goodness we didn’t because I don’t know if I would’ve survived the homeschooling that followed lol🤪 - Lisa SmithPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
Last Dearborn Youth Symphony concert..so many great people gathered! - Karen ShermanPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
MHSAA Competitive cheer competition in Grand Rapids 1 year ago. This is when my daughter won her 1st State Championship with Allen Park High School. Who could ever imagined how everything was about to change? This was truly the BEST last "normal" weekend. - Stacy GuthriePhoto by: WXYZ user photo
My daughter & I,on vacation at Madeleine Island, in Canada for the birth of harp seals,the weekend before Covid hit. - Karen MichalskiPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
A bowling fundraiser for my daughter's swim team. Such a great event and bonding time for the whole team. Unfortunately we have not been together since. Can't wait to be back in the water cheering on the Barracudas! 💙🏊🏻‍♀️ - Christy KlosPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
March 8, 2020. We went to see the butterflies at Meijer Garden. My daughter was thrilled when one landed on her finger. (Note how there is no social distancing or mask wearing, something I never thought I’d take for granted ❤️) - Jaemi NeumannPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
The next day my wife would start her symptoms, with another son being born on the 28th to a Covid positive mom. This photo is one year ago on March 7. - Trevor ThompsonPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
Getting ready for dads 80th & having fun in Hamtramck! - Rebecca CorvaiaPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
Jesse Mercado Tequila shots at a Cuban restaurant with a few guys from a "little band called Dire Straits"Photo by: WXYZ user photo
Ginger Baker-Paeschke Went on our last vacation, airplane trip to Universal Studios. We were in Fl when the first Michigander tested positive!Photo by: WXYZ user photo
Jennifer Sheridan Got back from a group cruise with family and friends March 8th. Little did we know our world would change when we got home.Photo by: WXYZ user photo
Becky Lynn March 11. I was in labor and delivery triage being monitored for fetal distress, my husband had our son and our son’s BFF at the museum. The boys didn’t get to see each other for close to 5 months after thatPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
Mindy Norris My daughter's first and probably last middle school band concert.
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Barbara McGregor Rubio My family and I went to Azteca for dinner. This is a picture of my husband and son! This was Sunday the 15th! That next morning my boss closed the Drs office for 3 months!Photo by: WXYZ user photo
Michelle 'Jones' June My daughter’s band concert. They had one more day of school after this, and then schools were shutdown for what we thought would be three weeks!Photo by: WXYZ user photo
Amy Engler Haslam Thursday, March 12, 2020: having a blast teaching my friend's STEM classes while she was out on maternity leave.
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Ben Dekker Michigan vs. Michigan State hockey game on March 7th at a PACKED Yost Ice Arena! Michigan won 3-0.
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Lisa Studzinski My daughter and I playing in a tennis tournament, at least until it was cancelled.
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Laurie Van Raemdonck Red Wings game 3/8/20 where younger son skated in the intermission youth hockey scrimmage
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Jessica Renee We went to a Red wings game right beforePhoto by: WXYZ user photo
Jillian Beaubien Malik My daughter reading kindness books to a elementary classroom 📚Photo by: WXYZ user photo
Laura Beasley Richardson MHSAA State Finals
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Richard Gilbert Last red wing game played in 2020
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Kim Borowski We got married on Friday, March 13, 2020!
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Shay McLauchlin-Smith My son and his friends raised over $1000 for our local animal shelter, they were able to go shopping and pick out stuff for the animals!! This was them with their donations ❤️
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Gina Glaszek Naranja Nights MS FundraiserPhoto by: WXYZ user photo
Vicki Lapworth Schnur Last official game of Tigers Spring training.
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