Create these delicious recipes using leftover Super Bowl dishes

Posted at 2:49 PM, Feb 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 06:04:55-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — You're probably chowing down on some good eats. Super Bowl Sunday is like an unofficial food holiday.

The USDA says it is the second largest food consumption day of the year behind Thanksgiving. We're talking pizza, burgers, wings – you name it.

To get some fun ideas, Syma Chowdhry headed to Bangkok 96 Street Food inside the Detroit Shipping Company in Midtown.

“It’s all about how you put things together, make sure it looks good,” said Owner and Executive Chef Vangsays, adding that taking traditional eats and making it different is easy.

“Try to be a chef. Why? Because it’s so easy,” Vang said.

Cold pizza for breakfast? Why not take some eggs and veggies and turn it into a soufflé.

“And everybody will love it,” Vang said.

Take left over chili – cheese or queso – and make it into a casserole. Take potato skins, pasta, mashed potatoes or other starches and throw in some cheese for a casserole.

Have left over beer and beef?

Sounds like a weird combo but not for Chef Vang. She's turning that into beef stew. What about that vegetable tray that everyone had but no one really eats?

“There is many ways you can use leftover vegetables," Vang said.

Well, it can easily be a stir fry or soup since the veggies are raw and pre-cut. And if you're extremely cooking impaired, you can take already-cooked meats like chicken wings, meatballs or the "pigs" in pigs in a blanket, and throw them in tacos or wraps.

Check out recipes from Chef Vang below: