Crews continue search for metro Detroit kayaker missing in Lake Huron

Posted at 3:39 PM, Jul 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-17 16:23:47-04

Right now, search teams have been working for two days to find a 22-year-old metro-Detroit man missing in Lake Huron. At times the waters got so rough - the search had to be paused.

The Huron County Sheriff says the man was kayaking off shore from Lighthouse Road in Huron Township with a 20-year-old-man when both of their kayaks filled with water - sending them into the water. Neither had life jackets. One man was able to swim to shore - but his friend is presumed dead.

Riverside Kayak Connection, a company that offers kayak rentals and lessons in Detroit, heard about the presumed tragedy on Lake Huron and offered us tips if you plan to kayak. 

The first one, getting the right kayak.

The Huron County Sheriff said the kayak the man who went missing was using appeared to be a small recreational kayak. It was likely appropriate for calm waters - not the  rough waters of the great lakes.

Another big mistake people make is failing to learn how to rescue not only yourself, but others if your kayak tips over. Riverside Kayak Connection demonstrated how to do that.

The law also requires you have a life jacket on board.

"The life jacket is there to help you and support you when you get tired. you might need a break if you are out on rocky water. A life jacket is so important, there is no reason not to have one."

Once you are back in your kayak, you need a way to get water out of your kayak. Riverside recommends having a bailing device in one.

They teach their students rescuing yourself is a skill that needs to be regularly practiced - before you head out on rough waters.