Cyber Monday sales lead to competitive pricing at brick and mortar stores

Posted at 5:10 PM, Nov 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-28 17:10:24-05

Millions of Americans will skip the lines at retail stores and shop online on Cyber Monday.

The National Retail Federation released figures this week indicating that 122 million people will shop on Cyber Monday this year. That’s up roughly 1 million people from the year before.

“It was brick and mortar for years,” said George Jones, who was inside the 12 Oaks mall while using his cell phone to check prices. “Then I started shopping online more and more.”

Jones said he can’t get away from going to the stores completely. He and his wife enjoy shopping in-person, especially since they have three kids to consider Christmas gifts for. For Jones, Cyber Monday has changed up the gameplay though.

“While she’s doing that (looking for items in stores) I’ll go, ‘let me check online and see what they have.’”

It’s a battle that has brick and mortar businesses fighting for sale, which can be good for the consumer.

On Monday you could find signs inside the mall in Novi advertising deals for 40-, 50- and even 60-percent off in-store stock.

“Cyber Monday and all of that, it’s getting pretty tough,” said Paul Terterin, the owner of Artisan Jewelers. “It’s changed a lot, years ago we have customers who were loyal customers but now you can find anything online.”

Terterin said that’s why businesses need to focus on the things that the internet can’t offer. Since he’s a jeweler, that means quality interaction with customers.

“You’ll never be able to get the service we have on the internet,” said Terterin.

He also said that retail stores need to adapt. He offers big sales online too, but he makes sure that customers are aware that they can get the same deals he offers online, inside his store with the additional benefit of person-to-person communication.

The reality is Cyber Monday isn’t going anywhere. Even the United States Postal Service is garnering extra business due to the online sales. Thanks to a huge jump in Cyber Monday sales over the years, the USPS has seen a huge uptick in packages delivered. This year they’ll deliver an estimated 750 million packages.

Of course, for some the feeling of shopping inside a mall or a department store can’t be beat. That means that businesses selling items in-person will continue to have competitive pricing.

“It’s very good right now,” said Lucretia Horn. “It’s peaceful and looks like you can get to the stores and get what you want and not stand in line.”