Dad of accused of attacking umpire after game

Posted at 5:47 PM, Apr 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-28 17:47:10-04

A man in his 40s from the Algonac area could be charged for allegedly attacking one of the umpires after his teenage daughter's softball game.

It happened at Algonac High School Tuesday evening.

District officials say that during the game, the man's daughter, who plays on the varsity team, took issue with one of the umpire's calls.

After the game, as the umpire was walking to his vehicle, police say the father began walking with him and it appeared they were simply talking, but then witnesses heard the umpire calling for help.

Police say the father had the umpire in a headlock and then brought him to the ground.

Another umpire and a school official were able to separate the men.

The father fled the scene in his vehicle as a witness was calling 911.

"We're at the high school softball field. There's a fight between a dad and the ump right now. We need someone immediately. He's trying to leave," said the woman who called 911.

Clay Township Police Chief Michael Koach tells 7 Action News that it appears the father now regrets his actions, but that we all have to be responsible for our actions. 

Prosecutors are reviewing the case for possible charges.

Click on the video above to hear from the police chief and district official.