Davenport University offering scholarships to General Motors employees impacted by closures

Posted at 6:42 AM, Dec 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-14 09:10:34-05

Davenport University is offering scholarships to General Motors employees that are affected by the closures of the Detroit Hamtramck Assembly Plant and the Warren Transmission Operations Plant.

The scholarship applies to employees seeking associate, bachelor's or master's degrees, or those pursuing professional training to gain industry-recognized certifications.

The scholarship benefits are:

  • 30 percent discount on tuition rates for most undergraduate and graduate degree programs
  • $1,300 per semester for part-time students at six credits per semester
  • $2,600 per semester for full-time students at 12 credits per semester
  • $3,950 per year for full-time students at 18 credits per year
  • $8,000 per year for full-time students at 36 credits per year
  • 20 percent discount on professional development workshops, certificate porgrams and other non-credit training opportunities
  • DU application fee waived

Those who are interested must provide the following to the university:

  • Gather proof of employment via pay stub, letter from GM or badge showing emplyment
  • Gather proof of layoff from impacted plant location

Anyone with questions can contact the university at 800-686-1600.