Woman says she was nearly abducted at CVS

Posted at 6:13 PM, Oct 02, 2015
A Dearborn Heights woman claims she was nearly abducted while  shopping at the CVS Pharmacy on Beech Daly and Joy roads
It happened around 2:30 on Thursday afternoon. Callie Revitzer was walking up the to store when she noticed two men.
"I saw them standing there and I had this weird terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach,” said Revitzer.
She said one of the man then grabbed her arm and tried to drag her around the side of the store. She said the other man had a car waiting.
"He grabbed me by my arm and drug me and I fought so hard, I fought so hard, I tried to do everything my brothers taught me to do, he was just too big, he was too strong,” said Revitzer.
She has bruises on her legs she said are from the attack.
"I stomped on his foot, I tried to go for his eyes, I tried to scratch him, but he was wearing a hoodie,” said Revitzer.
Another shopper walked out of the store at that moment and Callie said that’s when the man loosened his grip on her arm and she was able to run away.
"If she hadn't come out when she did, the first thing that went through my mind, am I ever going to see my kids or husband again,” said Revitzer.
Dearborn Heights Police tell 7 Action News they are investigating the incident.They do believe they know who the suspect is and he may frequent the CVS where it happened.