Deer joins beachgoers on Lake Michigan for summer water fun

Posted at 7:20 PM, Jul 08, 2019

SAUGATUK, Mich. (WXYZ) — Beachgoers were joined by an unlikely guest as they soaked up some summer sun on Lake Michigan over the holiday weekend.

Video and photos taken by a Birmingham, Michigan family show the small deer being unfazed by the many people populating the shoreline, as mostly children approach it for a quick petting.

Kathleen Ferris and her two children, Lola and Jack, were vacationing in Saugatuck when they had the rare experience.

The bizarre encounter happened at Saugatuck State Park.

According to a report by ABC7, witnesses say the deer stuck around for roughly 30 minutes before going on its way.

Deer encounter on Lake Michigan

The Michigan DNR responded to the incident saying that they will monitor the deer for now to make sure it doesn't become aggressive with the public.

Read full statement below:

At this time, we plan to monitor the situation with the deer. Should it begin to exhibit aggressive behavior, we would consider immobilizing and relocating the deer. We ask that park visitors refrain from feeding or approaching the deer as this is a wild animal that could act unpredictably.

Deer encounter on Lake Michigan
Deer encounter on Lake Michigan