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Detroit Teacher Molds Young Minds
Posted at 1:09 PM, Feb 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-03 14:06:01-05

There are countless teachers throughout Metro Detroit who go above and beyond. It’s practically part of the job description.

But then there are those who take it one step further Mr. Lamar A. Phillips.

“I believe it’s spiritual in nature. it is a universal language.”

it’s a language Mr. Phillips speaks fluently. He plays more than a dozen instruments but he takes even greater pride in being an educator.

“I’m a teacher. i have the spiritual gift of teaching and that’s what i do and i enjoy it.”

He’s been teaching more than a quarter of a century; for 13 years at Detroit Merit Academy on the Eastside; where many of his students have gone on to enjoy great success.

“One of my greatest; jharrard Hardeman. Started him at seven, he’s now 20. He’s a conductor and composer and a leader in many ways.”

His methods seem to get results, whether in the classroom or in private practice studios.

Mr. Phillips teaches more than just music. He teaches children how to be accountable to themselves.

His commitment to excellence lead to the creation of the International Enlightenment Foundation; a non-profit with the goal of keeping music and the arts accessible for Detroit.

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