Detroit a likely winner for Amazon 'HQ2' headquarters, magazine says

Posted at 1:32 PM, Oct 23, 2017

The city of Detroit submitted its proposal for Amazon's second headquarters, dubbed "HQ2," last week, and one magazine says it is a contender to land the deal.

Inc. Magazine lists Detroit as one of the most likely winners for Amazon's $5 billion headquarters. Other cities they say are a likely winner include Austin, Raleigh/Durham, Denver and Washington D.C.

"There aren't many cities that could offer Amazon a truly urban environment with an incredibly business-friendly local government and affordable housing," the magazine writes. "And, it would be a triumph for Amazon from a public relations standpoint."

They also say Detroit is a city many want to see rise from the ashes, but say the public transportation system could be a challenge for the city.

"In one fell swoop, Amazon could be the catalyst for the rebuilding of one of America's great cities," they added.

As part of Detroit's bid, they Rock Ventures launched a website,, to show the city's vision for the future.

"We are redefining the future of mobility, innovation, business and culture," Eichinger said. "With unparalleled infrastructure, unlimited access to resource sand innovative talent, Detroit's momentum is undeniable."

Part of the Detroit Moves The World campaign includes the slogan, "Move here. Move the world. Detroit was made for this."

The campaign works to showcase Detroit's ability to grow, how they're changing the world now and the wealth of knowledge and skill coming out of the city. The website shows the vision, why the city is perfect for Amazon HQ2 and a chance to get a closer look at the city.