Detroit business owner paints curb blue to help patrons avoid 'poorly marked' handicap parking zone

Posted at 2:54 PM, May 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-05 15:43:05-04

(WXYZ) — A Detroit business owner who was tired of seeing customers get ticked for a "poorly marked" handicap parking zone outside of his restaurant decided to help make the area a little more noticeable.

Detroit's Mootz Pizzeria + Bar Co-Owner Tony Sacco painted the curb and street near his location blue to help patrons avoid a handicap parking zone that reportedly has one small handicap sign at the end of the block, but applies to four different spots on the street.

After Sacco says he tried to bring it to the attention of the city multiple times with no luck and then saw a single mother get ticketed, he went to work.

"It just got sickening, just watching it over and over," he told 7 Action News. "I picked up a few tickets, I paid a few tickets."

The painting effort reportedly cost Sacco about $150 and 45 minutes of time.

The City of Detroit has now reached out to Sacco, he said, and they agreed the signage should have been better; there are plans for them to install additional signage, and they'll be removing the paint, according to Sacco.

Ron Brundidge, Detroit Department of Public Works director, released the below statement regarding the parking issue.

“While the handicapped parking signage in front of Mootz Pizza does meet the legal standard requirements, we acknowledge the signage could have been more clear. DPW will be making sure this is addressed promptly, as well as making sure the number of designated handicapped spaces is appropriate for that location. Once we have clear and proper signage, however, there will be no need for the painted road and curb and those markings will be removed. We appreciate Mr. Sacco's persistence in getting this important issue to our motorists and disabled community resolved and apologize for the confusion. “