Detroit business owners looking to move after another round of floods

Posted at 9:08 PM, Aug 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-27 22:31:28-04

(WXYZ) — WXYZ (Detroit) - Businesses on Warren are thinking about closing shop.

"I'm losing my business. I can't do it anymore," said Hussein Ghoul, owner of Mr. Me Appliances.

This is the second time in less than two months his products are sitting in several feet of flood water.

“The street was full of water, water started coming up from the front, back and the sewer from everywhere," he adds.

The water started filling the inside of his shop within seconds and appliances he's selling like fridges and washers.

“I start picking up appliances and set them on top of each other because I tried to save as much as I can," said Ghoul.

Every business owner on the street was trying to do just that, save what they could.

“The whole plaza here got flooded on both sides.”

Across the street, Mohammed Diarbakarli is getting ready to open a new fast-food restaurant in less than two weeks.

He was painting the outside of his spot before the rain came through and destroyed brand new kitchen equipment.

“This is a new fryer new, and the grill is new," he tells us.

In video captured from his surveillance, you can see when the heavy rains started flooding his business.

If you look at the walls, you can see how high the water got, over three feet.

Diarbakarli's daughter Hiya tell us he's having second thoughts about opening the business.

“Last flood that happened cost him $30,000 and more and this one may cost more than $30,000" she adds.

His neighbor on the other side of the road owns a hardwood shop.

Most of his heavy machinery he uses to make cabinets are destroyed.

These owners say insurance isn't helping.

"They say it’s a city problem and their sewer isn’t holding enough water. Who is going to cover me, I can’t keep covering the loss," said Ghoul.

He tried filing a claim through the city but still has not heard back.

They're hoping this time around, they aren't ignored.

“All my neighbors here we are under the ground. Please we need to help us," said Riad Arbani.

We did reach out to the city of Detroit. In a statement they shared with Seven Action News they said:

"We have crews across the city responding to the flooding including in Warrendale. For street flooding, use Improve Detroit app to report or at

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) has crews out cleaning catch basins in Warrendale and Aviation as well as other areas in the city. If you have water in your basement, call 313-267-8000. Indicate whether its clear water or gray/brown water. Remove items off basement floor as soon as possible. DWSD extended shifts today and have extra staff assigned through the evening and over weekend. We began preparing staff and equipment yesterday as we were monitoring the weather radar.”

Owners here say they may take their business to another city.

“I’m ready to move. I was calling a realtor earlier to see if they can put my business on sale," said Ghoul.