Detroit City Council to address community issues in new legislation 'The People's Bills'

Posted at 6:24 AM, Sep 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-17 16:39:16-04

A package of legislation is being introduced Monday morning that could lower your parking fines in the city of Detroit and address other "pressing socio-economic and human rights issues Detroiters face on a daily basis."

City Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield is calling them the People's Bills.

Parking fines in Detroit were raised in 2014 by the city's emergency manager to help offset debt in 2014. Now, Sheffield is proposing to lower the fine for expired meters and parking in "no parking" zones from $45 to $30. Her proposal also includes giving a 50 percent discount if the ticket is paid off within ten days.

Councilwoman Sheffield plans to hold a press conference announcing details of the various pieces of legislation that are the culmination of years of research, meetings and listening to the community regarding their legislative priorities. 

The "People's Bills" will include ordinances/resolutions to address the following issues: Mandatory 51 percent of Detroiters on construction projects, Water Affordability, Poverty Tax Exemptions, Community Benefits Ordinance Amendments, Homeless Bill of Rights, Parking Fines Reduction, 15-day Pay Requirement for Small Businesses, Housing Trust Funds and Cash Bail Disparities.

She will be joined by advocates in each of the areas above to explain the need and research behind the efforts to bring about the change the legislation would usher in if passed.

"When I was elected to the Detroit City Council, I promised to offer a more open, transparent and representative form of government to Detroiters," Sheffield said in a press release. "The introduction of the People's Bills is the direct result of that promise and my attempt to give the people a voice in the public policy process and create a climate in Detroit by which all Detroiters have the opportunity to prosper and improve their quality of life."