Detroit City FC goes pro by joining National Independent Soccer Association

Posted at 10:49 AM, Aug 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-15 12:16:48-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Detroit City Football Club announced on Thursday that it is going pro and joining the National Independent Soccer Association with two other clubs, Chattanooga FC and Oakland Roots SC.

The move follows an announcement last month where the National Premier Soccer League re-branded the NPSL Founders Cup to the NPSL Members Cup.

DCFC will begin playing NISA games this fall with full membership. All three clubs worked with the NISA Executive Expansion Team to join the league.

"Being accepted in to NISA represents an exciting new chapter for Detroit City FC," DCFC Owner Sean Mann said in a release. "With the support of the city we love and represent, what started out as a community organizing project nearly 10 years ago has evolved in to the city's first professional soccer team in decades. As a member of NISA we look to continue growing the sport of soccer in Detroit."

In February, U.S. Soccer gave the league a provisional sanction to be a division III league. The vote for full membership will be voted on at U.S. Soccer's next AGM.

These clubs truly represent their communities and are proof the open system for soccer is the best way forward. Each has built their support the correct way and that support will sustain them and NISA for years to come. Congratulations to each of them (owners, staff, players, and supporters) for taking that step to play professional soccer," NISA Commissioner John Prutch said in the release.

In the spring of 2020, DCFC and Chattanooga FC will begin full league play.

The team will continue to play it's Members Cup games, as well as friendlies against other teams during the fall.

In a letter to fans, Mann and other owners wrote:

"Thanks to your support over the past eight years, Detroit City FC has redefined what a soccer club can be in this country. Whether you invested in the Keyworth campaign or volunteered to rehab the stadium; whether you keep to yourself on the “family side” or stand on top of the capo stand leading the chants; whether you wore the jersey in front of the most dedicated fans in America, or squeeze into your 2012 replica jersey for match day, you are the most dedicated fans in America and you are responsible for our club’s success.

With your support, what started as a community organizing project to bring together neighbors in Detroit is now poised to be Detroit’s first professional soccer team in generations.

Saturday night we host Chattanooga FC for the first-ever competitive match between our like-minded, community-based clubs. This match represents the culmination of everything we’ve built together to date, and everything we will build together in the future, as we kick off the club’s biggest chapter yet.

2019 has been a transition year for the club, as it blended our traditional NPSL season with an extended fall campaign against the best of the best of our league. It has also been a historic season, playing our longest campaign with a committed squad training in a professional setting.

And now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been accepted to join the National Independent Soccer Association, the new third division of American professional soccer. We’ll be joining old friends like Chattanooga FC and Miami FC, as well as new clubs in major cities across the country.

NISA is sanctioned under the United States Soccer Federation’s professional league standards, which means DCFC will be a fully professional club in a professional league starting in early 2020 (pending a final review of our application by the US Soccer Federation in the near future).

While we’ve been one of the most well-attended and best-supported soccer clubs in the country outside of Major League Soccer, we were required to restructure our existing ownership group to meet USSF’s professional requirements. Those adjustments have been made with the leadership of the club remaining the same as it has been.

This next chapter doesn’t necessarily represent a change for the club, but another step in its continued and unprecedented growth. With this move, you won’t see increases in ticket prices, but you will see players that are able to commit full-time to the club and sport, and compensated appropriately for their talents. You won’t see any massive investment in the club from some anonymous overseas investment group, but you will see continual updates and improvements at Keyworth and the Fieldhouse as we strive to build on the best matchday experience in America. We probably won’t sign any former stars that were once on the cover of FIFA, but you are going to see a roster of players representing the city we love with pride, on a national platform week in and week out.

We started this endeavor with a goal of creating an organization with authenticity and heart, that was from the community, and for the community. Without your support, we would have never gotten this far, and without your continued support, we’ll never know how far we can take this.

We’re going professional in 2020 because we built this together. But we still have some work to do in 2019. We’ll see you at Keyworth on Saturday night as we take on our new league rival.

Thanks for everything,


Detroit City Football Club"