Detroit foundation utilizes the performing arts to make a difference

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Posted at 4:35 PM, Mar 30, 2021
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DETROIT (WXYZ) — When she saw a need in her neighborhood, her community, one Detroit woman could not ignore it. That’s why 20 years ago she created a space for young people to express themselves through the performing arts.

The gift she gave them keeps on giving. As 7 Action News Reporter Andrea Isom tells us rising are stars are being developed right here in Detroit because of one woman’s capacity to care about their futures.

“We’re raising a vibration in music. Music is one of the only things that can penetrate your subconscious without our permission,” says Chetrice Gillon, CEO of The Making It Happen Foundation and The Heroes Music Technology Program in Detroit.

Music is one of the most powerful tools in the world. It unites us. It inspires us. It heals us.

Chetrice Gillon is a musical soul. Growing up in Motown she created music of her own and when Chetrice moved back home after college and noticed the arts and the performing arts were dwindling in the schools, or absent altogether, she had to do something about it.

“I felt like that was a great place to enter, a great gap to fill. It was just to make sure we were supporting the education system that needed more resources, by bringing industry experts in who could blaze that trail and prepare youth. Creating the pathway for success for them, that means everything,” says Chetrice.

So, with a dream and a plan, Chetrice founded The Making It Happen Foundation and The Heroes Music Technology Program in Detroit.

She along with her team and the students have been creating incredible sights and sounds for 20 years now.

“People get those light bulbs turned on and then, from there on, their life is forever changed. How can you not come out the other side changed? It’s so miraculous! It means new beginnings. It means being able to start over and not in the sense of where you come from, or your economic background but who you are as a person,” says Joshua Andrade, student, vocalist, and lyricist.

What’s even more incredible is the students don’t pay for the program. They actually get paid to do the program.

“We are one of the first organizations in the nation to offer scholarships to Berkley College of Music and Michigan State University to get them Certification in Music Production and Film Technologies. So, they come out of high school with an actual Certification,” says Gillon with pride.

Young people from ages 14-24 are working with Grammy-winning artists. They are learning production, songwriting, publishing, design and their talents are being put on display for the world to see.

They were featured in this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend!

“I expect God to continue doing great things. We’re hoping that everybody gets on board with us so we can grow,” says Chetrice.

Because investing in them is investing in the future and investing in greatness right here at home. So, to get involved and get on board click the link,