Detroit NAACP chapter addressing polling problems for voters

Posted at 5:59 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 17:59:14-05

A poll worker was arrested this morning at the Southfield Education Center polling place, according to John Edwards, a candidate for treasurer in the city of Southfield.

Edwards says the man had a verbal altercation with the current mayor of Southfield.

Southfield Police confirm an arrest was made and say it’s an ongoing investigation.

Southfield Police tell 7 Action News that the person arrested is well known to them and has had public emotional outbursts in the past for which he has been arrested.

The poll worker was arrested for disorderly conduct and interfering with an election.

Throughout the metro Detroit area, many are working to make sure nothing gets in the way of voting on Election Day.

The NAACP phone bank is calling voters to make sure they have found their polling place. They are also fielding questions and complaints. The voter hotline is 313-664-2424
"We are tracking those. We have a team of lawyers on standby in Detroit, if there were some type of concern," says Hester Wheeler.

The voting machines at Bow Elementary in Detroit were down for several minutes today, including the ADA compliant voting machine. Complicating matters school doors were locked for a time.

Voting machines at Riverfront Towers were also inoperable this morning. Votes are being held in a box to be sealed and counted tonight. 

Both issues were resolved and the NAACP keeps records for their lawyers to review. Wheeler and others at the NAACP have direct contact with the clerk's office and say they've been fairly responsive and addressed concerns in a timely manner, but nothing so far has been out of the ordinary. 
The biggest issue says Wheeler, voter turnout. 

“Get your souls to the polls, your vote matters,” says Wheeler.