Detroit plans to install 3,000 speed humps in neighborhoods this year; applications open now

Posted at 7:28 AM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-10 07:28:04-05

(WXYZ) — The City of Detroit has announced plans for up to 3,000 new speed humps across the city in 2022.

Detroit residents can now apply to get speed humps set up in their neighborhood. Applications are open until the end of February, and are avaialble on the DPW website.

Last year, the city installed 5,550 speed humps, 1,000 more than were planned, bringing the total to 7,000 speed humps in all.

“Speeding and reckless driving have become a huge public health and safety concern, and speed humps have been not only popular, but effective in reducing speeds in many residential neighborhoods,” DPW Deputy Director Dayo Akinyemi said in a statement. “This program came about because we listened to the concerns of our residents and developed a solution the community has wholeheartedly embraced.”

Anyone who previously requested a speed hump will not need to re-submit, as they will be evaluated for inclusion in this year's program.

According to Akinyemi, a small number of speed humps that were approved last year but not installed will be among the first installed in 2022.

The city has a map of the approved locations through 2021.

The criteria for prioritizing speed hump installs are:

  • Local residential streets with speed limit of 25 mph
  • Priority given to streets adjacent to active schools and parks
  • DPD records of speeding and vehicle crashes
  • Street used as known “cut through” to or from a major road
  • Block housing density
  • Number of school-aged children
  • Resident support on the block and valid request made