Detroit Police crash with second car, but who's at fault?

Posted at 5:23 PM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 17:23:58-04

Detroit Police crashed with another car during the overnight hours on the east side at Moross at Balfour and there are questions about who is at fault. The police investigation continues.

Police say two officers inside the squad car were on the way to assist a home invasion in progress. Sindney Bonner says he was riding in the back seat of the second car and his brother was driving. “The police came out of nowhere, no sirens no nothing and hit him. So it was never he hit the police officer,” Bonner told 7 Action News Reporter Shelley Childers.

A look at both cars in the dark on the scene shows front end damage on both, but inconclusive who hit whom. When were the lights and siren deployed? Bonner says, “That’s what I was trying to explain, they never turned the sirens on, nothing 'til the time they got to us. It was ok, we see them, now we’re throwing the sirens on.” Detroit Police say they are downloading the dashcam video and will answer these questions after that is reviewed.

They say the cruiser was traveling on Moross which has the right of way and the other car was on Balfour which has a stop sign. Police also say the driver of the second car was ticketed for Operating While Impaired. Bonner was asked about that on the scene by Childers, “Was your brother intoxicated?”  Bonner replied, “I don’t know. He had just picked me up so I have no idea.”

Four people were injured including the 2 officers but none had life threatening injuries. The area where this happened is residential and it does not appear there are any surveillance cameras that would have recorded the crash.

7 Action News has filed a FOIA to get the dashcam video when it is available.