Detroit police hope surveillance video could help catch a killer

Posted at 11:13 PM, Jul 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-18 23:13:20-04
Detroit Police have released new video in hopes it could be the key to catching a killer.
The shooting happened on July 13 at 9:40 p.m. in the intersection of Tarnow & McGraw on Detroit’s west side.
The victim, 34 year-old, Khyle Tate was leaving the Sunoco gas station when police said the suspect walked up and shot him point blank.
His fiance, Randi Williams, was out of town when the shooting happened, making plans for the couple’s future.
"I was actually out there in Arizona, looking for a home for us so we could move out there,” said Williams.
Now, her plans are crushed. She arrived back to Detroit Monday and went straight to the scene of the crime to memorialize it with balloons.
"That was the first thing I thought about when I stepped off the plane was to come here,” said Williams.
Officers said they don’t have a clear motive for the shooting, but it is possible Tate may have known the suspect.
Williams and her sister, Candace Anderson didn’t recognize the man in the video.
“I don't have a clue, I don’t,” said Anderson.
But they hope someone will come forward and speak up. 
"If one person don't speak up for this incident, it's going to keep on happening, keep on happening. People are so comfortable killing each other,” said Anderson.
Call Detroit Police Homicide at (313) 596-1616 or Crime Stoppers at  (800) SPEAK-UP if you have any information.